John Snow and Joseph Bazalgette

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  • Contributions of John Snow and Joseph Bazalgette to Public Health Reform
    • Joseph Bazalgette
      • He used 318  million bricks to construct London's sewers
      • The large sewers he created took waste to the tidal part of The Thames, where it was washed into the Sea
      • Chief Engineer for the Metropolitan Board of Works (the association which dealt with PH issues in London)
      • His engineering skills almost rid London of Cholera
      • Knighted in 1847
      • Inherited a medieval sewer system
      • Sewers still largely in use today
    • John  Snow
      • Few people agreed with his idea of waterborne cholera
      • The  medical establishment remained largely unimpressed by his discovery
      • Fought an outbreak of Cholera at the Killington Colliery in Newcastle all by himself
      • Not a forceful  character, and  didn't promote himself
      • His theory on the cause of Cholera was called "Gentleman's Theory"
      • Suspected the  Broad Street Pump was the  source of the Cholera outbreak
      • Working as a GP in Soho in 1853
      • He used maps and interviews to discover the cause


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