Contrasts in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

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  • Contrasts in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'
    • contrast in social class
      • Stanley and Blanche epitomise this class struggle
        • Blanche's feverish hysteria as a relic from a defunct social hierarchy and epitomises delicate femininity
          • Elysian Fields offers Blanche the promise of a safe haven
            • choice of setting is ironic since it rather becomes the site of southern decadence
        • Stanley embodies aggressive masculinity distilled down to human form
    • male versus female sphere
      • Stanley's brute force dramatically opposes Blanche's faint and fragile disposal
    • male versus male
      • Mitch and Stanley
        • Mitch is 'shy', 'clumsy' and slow - thinking, a foil to the shrewd, egocentric, domineering Stanley who is harmfully crude
          • duly cedes his way
        • Stanley as the proverbial degenerate  alpha - male basking in hyper - masculinity
          • animalistic physical vigour
    • duality is an idea most prevalent in the opening of the play
      • dualism
    • contrast between self - immersed Blanche and the reality she is faced with


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