Contrast x-ray

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  • Contrast x-rays
    • what is it?
      • way of examining hollow or fluid filled organs for abnormalities
    • how is it done?
      • contrast medium inserted into area that is being looked at
        • usually barium
          • opaque to x-rays
        • barium meal
        • enema
          • pumping through patient's rectum into large intestine
      • time taken before having x-ray
      • film may be taken of liquid moving around body
      • have an x-ray
        • can see liquid around edges of organs
        • Untitled
        • can see blockages as liquid sticks to them
    • main uses
      • blood vessels
      • digestive system
      • urinary system
      • circulatory system
    • advantages
      • quick and easy
      • cheap
      • results obtained quickly
    • disadvantage
      • radiation risks


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