Contraception and Christian attitudes

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  • Contraception and Christian attitudes
    • Why
      • Health of mother
      • To provide more food for the family unit
      • To provide a better standard of living for the family unit
    • Types
      • Natural methods
        • Natural family planning or fertility awareness
      • Artificial methods: can be used without planning in any form of relationship even when it is casual
        • Condoms
        • Hormonal drugs
        • IUD and morning after pill which stop the fertilised egg attaching itself to the womb wall but some Christians view this to be like an abortion
    • Most non-Catholic Christians believe contraception is permissible to restrict the size of the family and not to stop children being born
      • It improves the woman's health and raising the standard of living and education for the children because families are smaller
      • God created sex for enjoyment and to cement the bonds of marriage
      • Nothing in the Bible forbids contraception
      • It is better to combat AIDS/HIV by using condoms than by expecting everyone to follow Christian rules about sex and marriage
      • In 1930 a conference of the Church of the England declared it was legitimate for Christians to use contraception to limit family size
    • Roman Catholics teach responsible parenthood and that sex is a gift from God and a source f joy and pleasure for married couples
      • Responsible parenthood means deciding on the number of children you want and when to have them
      • Are against all types of artificial contraception as it is going against God's intentions


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