Continued growth of settlement

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  • Continued growth of settlement 1879-93
    • The Exoduster Movement 1879
      • Causes
        • Freed slaves in the South wanted new lives
        • Southern whites used violence and intimidation against ex-slaves
        • 1873: Former slave Benjamin Singleton settled in Kansas
          • promoted settling of Kansas
          • helped many black Americans move
            • set foundations for mass migration in 1879
      • 1879
        • rumour spread that Kansas was only for freed slaves
          • untrue but caused thousands of black Americans to make the move
            • Kansas
            • Missouri
            • Indiana
        • 40,000 had set off west
      • Impacts
        • 1880: over 43,000 black Americans in Kasas
        • Exodusters left with infertile land
        • Exodusters couldn't afford administration fee fro land
        • Massive white opposition to exodusters
          • Felt the government should help the whites instead
        • Exodusters contracted Yellow Fever en route
          • Governor set up association to help
        • By 1880 news had spread and the steam of migrants decreased
        • Were poorer than whites but still better life than in South
    • The Oklahoma Land Rush 1893
      • Indian Territory open for the public
      • 8,000,000 acres opened up for settlement
      • Settlers would wait at the boundary until land was opened
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