Context Summary of 1984 (Part 3)

Part Three of the Context Mindmaps for 1984 by George Orwell. This mindmap addresses: the NHS, the Spanish Civil War, Atomic Bomb, Orwell's fear of rats

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  • 1984 Context (Atomic Bomb, Spanish Civil War, NHS, Rats)
    • NHS
      • Founded in July, 1948
      • Orwell liked the NHS being founded, as it was a key driving force towards a socialist state and a fairer United Kingdom
      • 1984 depicts a society where socialism is no more, and what could have happened if the NHS, (alongside other factors), were not founded and implemented
    • Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
      • Military uprising against the Republican government that ruled over Spain
      • Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War and was badly injured. He and his wife were later indicted of treason in Spain, after being spied on by the Soviet Union.
      • Orwell wrote a memoir about his experiences in the Spanish Civil War, entitled 'Homage to Catalonia'
      • Orwell turned to the Independent Labour party which backed the anti-Stalinist, pro-Trotsky Poum (the United Marxist Workers party).
    • Rats
      • Winston's greatest fear, symbolic of the Party's control over others, as they prey on the 'sick and dying' (O'Brien)
      • Orwell dealt with rats during him fighting in the Spanish Civil War, so this was an influence too.
    • Atomic Bomb
      • August 1945
        • The USA bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - this was one of the final battles of WW2, which changed the world forever.
      • During this time, countries across the world had the same 'national consciousness', in which they were fearful but expected an atomic bomb to drop onto where they live
        • They perceived death to be inevitable
      • Orwell saw these bombings as being futile, much like the Party, or even Winston's small acts of rebellion
        • 'You and the atomic bomb'
      • End of 1950s - 60% of USA children reported having nightmares about Nuclear War


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