Context of A Christmas carol

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  • Context of A Christmas carol
    • The Victorian era
    • The rich and the poor
      • A rich woman's main goal was to marry.
      • A poor woman would work as a teacher, governesses or a factory work.
      • Upper class always had servants, maids, butlers and cooks.
      • Upper class women wore a lot of different types of dresses. Most dress codes consisted of a white blouse underneath a puffy dress.
      • Rich people didn't have to work because they had all the money they needed.
      • Poor children often died of disease.
      • Poor people lived in damp,filthy conditions.
    • The workhouse
      • Where poor people/ orphans who had no jobs or have no home go to.
      • Abolished  in the UK in1930
      • Women mostly did domestic jobs like cleaning, helping in the kitchen or laundry.
      • Men at the workhouse were given hard manual labour such as teasing out old rope and stone breaking.
    • Charles Dickens
      • Born on the 7th February 1812 and died on 9th June, 1870.
      • Second of eight children.
      • Charles and his wife had 10 children.
      • Parents were John and Elizabeth Dickens.
      • He began his career as a journalist.


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