Context in To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Context in To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Racism
      • Slavery and Inequality
        • Abolished in 1865, yet black inferiority was still the normality in most places.
    • Segregation and Jim Crow laws
      • Segregation began in 1980in Southern America
        • The separation led to white supremacy
    • The Scottsboro Trials
      • Nine black men were accused of **** in 1931
        • The case included an all white jury, rushed trials, attemped lynching and an anrgy mob and an overall miscarriage of justice
          • Which links to Tom's trial as he was an innocent man
    • Blame
      • Poor whites blamed the blacks for their misfortunes, even though their hatred was misplaced
    • The Great Depression
    • The civil war/ Civil rights movement
      • (The general mood when Lee was writing the book)
      • Black activists like Martin Luther King began a series of peaceful protests during the mid 50s
  • This was the longest downfall in economy. Roosevelt became president in 1933 and released the 'New Deal'.


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