Love and Information and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof context

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  • Context for Drama
    • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
      • first performed at the Morsco Theatre in 1955
        • directed  by Elia Kazan
        • this production feature a second third act where in Maggie was more sympathetic, Brick had and 'moral awakening' and Big Daddy reappears
        • The Set featured a double bed with an eccentric headboard which the play would focus around
        • many were unhappy with the theme of homosexual attitudes
      • National Theatre Productions
        • the use of nudity and sexual promiscuity
        • shower on stage, open with no walls
        • the back wall was like a water feature.
        • all set into the bedroom, with desk, bed dresser and mess on the floor
      • Tennessee Williams life
        • grew up in Mississippi where the play was set
        • his father was a heavy drinker and left Williams feeling emasculated
        • he had an overbearing mother like big mama
        • he was a homosexual and this influenced the repressive sexuality of Brick
      • 1950's lifestyle
        • the bible belt in the south, most southern states are overly religious
        • post war baby-boom and marriage rates increasing as well as the average age for female marriage decreasing
        • civil war 1861-65
        • the old south, traditional Plantation life, American dream and the value of the working man
    • Love and Information
      • first performed at the Royal Court Theater
        • directed by James MacDonald
        • cast of 16 actors
        • clinical white cube set, with hallucinatory distinctiveness
          • the lack of description allows for fear tp be embraced
        • about encountering your own thinking and feeling
        • the stage had shutters that covered up the stage, and the props were replaced quickly. each scene would have a unique soundscape and lighting
      • Carol Churchill
        • born in 1938 - making her 69 when she wrote this play
        • writes plays about feminine issues like Top-Girls, loosing humanity to gain power
      • 2007 lifestyle
        • iPhone was released
        • 2006 twitter was created
        • Facebook was created in 2004
        • eharmony was created in 2000
      • other productions
        • white clinical set, box like lighting, confined
        • set with movable boxes that create swimming pools
      • socio=political theatre
      • 'Great innvoator of pot-wartheatre"
      • very political, plays about cloning and top girls
        • "Brecht alienation"
        • themes of sexism, capitalism, war,postmodern and race
        • plays are protean - easily changeable"


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