An Inspector Calls - Context

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  • Context
    • Britain in 1912
      • Society was divided into classes meaning that people with the most money had the most power
      • The Labour Party was formed in 1906 to represent the interests of the working class
      • Women were seen as inferior to men and were not allowed to vote
      • There was not much government help for people in need, which is why charities were very important
      • Britain was heading towards WWI, which cost millions of lives of British people and after the war, people questioned the leadership of the upper classes
    • Britain in 1945
      • Britain was still divided by class but socialism and other left-wing ideas became more popular after WW2
      • There were many conflicts between business owners and workers, such as the 1926 General Strike
      • The Labour Party won the 1945 General Election and focused on improving the lives of working class people e.g. the NHS was started in 1948
      • By this point, it was known that the Titanic had sunk
      • Women now had more rights and were able to vote
    • Family Life
      • Wealthy middle class men were expected to support their families and protect women, especially their wives and daughters
      • Wealthy middle class women were expected to marry into money so that they didn't have to work and plan parties, visit friends and have children - they didn't do jobs around the house like washing, cooking or cleaning
      • Parents were in charge of the family and children were expected to be obedient and unquestioning


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