content analysis

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  • Content analysis
    • systematic research technique for analysing transcripts of interviews/text.
      • researcher creates a coding system of pre-determined categories e.g. age
    • How to carry out
      • create pre-determined categories for coding system
      • Listening/reading transcripts
      • carry out a pilot study to test the categories and coding system
      • Re-reading/listen to transcript again
      • record and tally amount of times data fits into the categories
      • reductionism
        • richness and complexity of qualitative data is lost
      • illusion of objectivity
        • scientifically rigorous because of the trust people tend to place on statistics
      • reliability checking
        • allowing different researchers to use coding system allows them to compare data and see if system is well designed
      • statistics
        • range of statistical procedures can be used to identify patterns in data


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