contnet analysis

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  • Content analysis
    • What is it?
      • It is the analysis of the content of something. It is describing something in a systematic way so conclusions can be drawn from it
    • How is it used as a research method?
      • Similar to any observational study
      • Sampling method can be time or event
      • You can record the data by using behavioural categories or a coding system
      • You can represent the data quantitatively by counting the number of instances or qualitatively by describing examples
    • Quantitative example
      • Manstead and McCulloch (1981) were interested in the way men and women were portrayed in TV ads. They observed 170 ads in 1 week and they recorded the adult central figure in each. They used a frequency table to record the data
    • Qualitative example
      • Joronen and Astedt-Kurki (2005) studied the role of family in adolescents' peer and school experiences. They used semi-structured interviews with 19 adolescents aged 12-16. These interviews produced 234 pages of notes that were then analysed
    • Strengths
      • Has high ecological validity because its based on observations of real life situations. Can be easily replicated if original sources can be retained. So it has good reliability
    • Weaknesses
      • Observer bias reduces objectivity and validity of findings because different observers interpret things differently. May also contain cultural bias because interpretations will be affected by language and culture of the observer


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