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  • Contenders for power
    • Stalin
      • Called the 'grey blur' meaning there was nothing outstanding about him
      • Played a minor role in the October Revolution and Russian Civil War
      • Peasant upbringing-understood many Russians
      • Reputation for loyalty to Lenin
      • Lenin's final decision that Stalin should be sacked was not widely known
    • Trotsky
      • Most heroic of contenders
      • Planned and led the October Revolution and commanded Red Army in the Civil War
      • Radical vision of future of Russia
      • Extremely talented and knew how to address a crowd when giving a speech
      • Lenin's Testament praised him as an 'outstanding member'
      • People reluctant to trust him to trust him as he only joined the party in 1917
    • Bukharin
      • Youngest of the contenders
      • Lacked Trotsky's arrogance
      • Leading advocate of NEP
      • Lenin's Testament criticised his ideas for not being 'fully Marxist'
    • Zinoviev and Kamenev
      • Lenin's closest friends
      • Among the first members of the Bolshevik Party
      • Publicly criticised Lenin's plans
      • Avoided fighting in the Civil war-surrounded by prostitues


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