Contemporary Culture- German Culture

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  • Contemporary Culture
    • Everyday middle class culture was influential
    • By the early 20th Century, writing, music, the theatre etc were sources of income for 100,000 Germans
    • Almost all Germans could now read
      • However, only 1/5 read journals, magazines or literature.
      • 4% of the population read serious German authors like Schiller and Goethe
        • The other 16% preferred popular western novels of Karl May
    • By 1914, 16 million copies of daily papers were sold in Germany.
    • Highly educated Germans were concerned that cultural standards were being eroded.
      • Therefore they were critical of mass culture.
    • They also didn't like the popular pulp fiction, new forms of entertainment (shows and dance halls), the rise of the cinema and the growth of spectator sports.
      • By 1914, there were 2500 cinemas in Germany


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