Business consumer protection laws

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  • Consumer protection laws
    • The sales of good act
      • All products must be of merchantable quality.
      • All products must match their descriptions.
      • All products must be fit for purpose.
    • The trade descriptions act
      • All businesses must not give false information
      • All businesses must not fail to give (withhold) important information.
      • All businesses must not act aggressively (force a sale)
    • Benefits of consumer protection laws
      • Less likely to receive fines or be sued by customers
      • Can prove a business's image
      • Improved relationship with stakeholders
      • Good publicity is followed
    • Drawbacks of consumer protection laws
      • Businesses must know the law and keep up to date
      • Laws can restrict businesses from operating as they would wish
      • Businesses have to comply with laws by changing their products and practices and this can be costly
      • Bad publicity if not followed.


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