Construction metals

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  • Construction metals
    • Materials from rocks
      • Iron and aluminium are extracted from rocks called ores
      • Brick is made by baking clay that has been extracted from the earth
      • Glass, concrete and cement are all made from sand (small grains of rock)
      • limestone, marble, granite and aggergates are types of rocks extracted form the arth
      • limestone  is the easiest shape because its the softest.
      • Granite is  the hardet to shape
      • Rocks differ in hardness because of the ways they were made:
        • limestone is a sedimentry rock
        • Marble is a metamorphic rock, put under pressure so it is harder
        • Granite is an igneous rock
    • limestone, cement and concrete
      • limestone and marble are made form calcium carbonate (mainly) CaCo3
      • when calcuim carbonate is heated it breaks down into calcium oxide and CO2
        • calcium carboante = calciim oxide + carbon dioxide
        • This is a thermal decomposition reaction; one material breaks down in to 2 or more new substances when heated
      • clay can be heated together to make cement.
        • cement can  be mixed with sand, gravel and water to make concrete, which is hard but not very strong
    • Impact on the environment
      • Rock is dug out of the ground in mines and quarries
      • mining and quarying company's have to try and reduce their impact on the environment
        • mines and quarries can be very: loud, dusty, take up land, change the landscape and increase the road traffic
      • a responsible  company will also reconstruct, cover up any area it has worked on


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