Constitution USA

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  • Constitution
    • Background
      • 1775: war of indepen
      • 1776 Declaration of indepen
      • 1781 confederacy- power to states
      • 1787 Philedelphia convention
    • Principles
      • Seperation of Powers
      • Checks & Balances
      • Federalism
        • Political power divided between state and national gov
        • Phases- 'Dual' 'Cooperative' (democrat, FDR Cat Grant) 'New' (Rep, Nixon Block grant)
        • Bush- Iraq, 9/11, wallSt
        • Obama- Obamacare, SCHIP, Pell Grants
        • Why? - Westward Expan', Pop Growth, Industrialisat, Communication, Foreign Pol, SC Decision, Great Dep,
        • PRO- access to gov, diversity, protect rights, good for usa siza
        • CONS- hides econ/racial inequalities, bureaucratic, causes conflict
    • Constitutional Amendment
      • 2 stage, Proposal & ratification
        • 2/3 majority congress (both houses)
        • 2/3 state legislature
      • Reasons Constitution hard to amend
        • Founding Fathers
        • Vagueness of constitution allows for interpretation w/out amendment
        • SC Judicial review allows to amend meaning not words
        • World is always changiing (aint broke dont fix it) alcohol prohibition
    • Protection of Rights
      • L- pass laws E- implement J- jud review
      • Upheld- RoeV.Wade, BrownV.BOE
      • Failed- PlessyVFerg (separate but equal)


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