Constancy to an Ideal Object

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  • Constancy to an Ideal Obeject
  • Themes
    • Nature
    • Hope
  • Written in a pretty constant IAMBIC PENTAMETER that arguably supports the notion of constancy.
  • "O yearning Thought! that liv'st but in the brain?"
  • "Fond Thought!"
  • "Hope and Despair meet in the porch of Death!"
  • "Whose Helmsman on an ocean waste and wide // Sits mute and pale his mouldering helm beside"
  • "Nor knows he makes the shadow, he pursues!"
  • Coleridge seems to be condemning change and reality.
  • Lack of constancy can mean that situations grow worst.
  • He considers a contemporary loss of nature, his newfound loveliness and potential illusions found in the physical world.


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