Consolodation of Power 1933

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  • Consolodation of Power 1933
    • Hitlers appointment Jan 30 1933
      • Relied on Hindenburgto pass Article 48
    • Reichstag Fire Feb 27th
      • Dutsch communist blamed- people scared of communist overthrow and supported Nazis
    • R.F Decree 28th Feb
      • Outlawed KPD
    • March Election
      • Nazis did not win majority however highest votes of 44%
    • Day of Potsdam  21 March
      • stage-managed propaganda piece. hand-shake at ceremony.  symbolized Hind giving power to Hitler
      • Hitler wanted to prove he was a respectable  politican
    • Enabling Act 23rd March
      • Allowed Hitler 4 year plan-rule without asking Reichstag/  Hindenburg- foundation of dictatorship
    • Destruction of Trade Unions 2nd May
      • DAF labour front- allowed everyone holiday, nazis burst into offices and destroyed trade unions
        • One Party state- centre and DNVP dismissed


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