consolidation of territory at both ends of mediterranean

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  • consolidation of territory at both ends of the mediterranean
    • spain
      • it took the Romans 7 years (26BC-19BC) to subdue northern spain.
      • Augustus took to the field in 26BC but it was AGRIPPAwho eventually suppressed the tribes.
      • in either 27/16BC spain was divided into the two provinces of Baetica and Lusitania.Nearer spain became known as Tarraconensis.
    • organisation of Gaul
      • between 27BC and 13BC Gallia Comata was divided into 3 districts- Belgica, Aquitaniaand Lugdunensis.
        • a census was taken in 27BC and roads developed by Agrippa came from the chief city Ludgunum.
    • galatia annexed and syria strengthened,
      • 25BC augustus annexed Galatia after death of client king.
      • he added part of Cilicia to Syria in order to strengthen it
    • imperial province of Judaea created.
      • after herd's death in 4BC- Judaea which had been largenessby the addition of Ituraea was divided into 3 by Augustus.
        • he gave it to his 3 sons- but one was such a poor ruler that he exiled him and the portion became province of Judaea.
      • roman officials generous to jews- exempt from military duty etc.
    • eqypt- Ethiopian frontier fixed.
      • south frontier of egypt required attention-disputed with ethipia in 29 and 22BC.
        • 21 BC queen of Ethipoia and Romans established a military zone between territories which removed trouble.
    • juba
      • client king of Mauretania.
      • fighting with tribes in Africa.
        • 25 BC- juba established as client king of Mauretania.
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