henry vii overview

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  • Henry VII
    • The consolidation of power
      • Parkin Warbeck & Lambert Simpel
      • Became King by defeating Richard III in Battle of Bodsworth
      • Marries Elizabeth of York
    • Henry VIII's government
      • The Council
        • The Parliament
      • The Council Learned in Law
      • The Royal Court
      • The Privy Chamber
    • Foreign relations
      • Intercurcus Magnus/ Intercursus Malice
      • Treaty of Etaples
      • Treaty of Medina Del Campo
      • Treaty of Winsor
      • Aud Alliance
    • English society
      • The Cornish Rebellion: caused by taxation, marched to London, lack of control
      • The Yorkist Rebellion: murder of Earl of Northumber lead to execution
      • Arable farm: animal Parable farm: crop
    • Economic development
      • John Cabolt and Newfound land
      • the Cloth Trade responsible for 90% of trade
    • Religion and humanism
      • 7 sacrements follow your life
      • used as a form of social control
      • Friars, Monks and Nuns


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