1970 General Election

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  • 1970 General Election
    • Why did Labour lose?
      • TUs seemingly more uncooperative, forcing even Lab to try & reform indust. relations
      • Left of Lab dissatisfied with moderate consensus policies
      • social problem & poverty not ended
      • Cons: doubling efficacy of key elements of post-war consensus
        • identifying need for TU reform
        • questioning whether state should take such a great role in planning the economy & ensuring full employment
    • Why was it a shock?
      • W's govt. had apparently come through it's difficult times
      • Jenkins credited with achieving economic & financial stability
      • W considered a master campaigner & more experienced & popular than heath
    • Why did the Cons win?
      • Heath had greater strengths than he was given credit for
      • Labour's position in 1970 was fragile
      • Heath was hard-working, conscientious & had an image of competence, even if he was perceived as dull
      • between 1966 & 1969, W's govt. had suffered a series of setbacks & real or perceived failures
      • Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech warned against further immigration
      • Wilson over - confident?


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