Conservative policies/ideas (current)

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  • Conservative policies/ideas (current)
    • Economy
      • Goal of balanced budget abandoned in 2016 as a medium-term goal
        • Belief only a balanced budget can promote economic growth
        • Instead public expenditure kept under control
      • Promote free markets and free trade
      • Company taxation should never be too high
        • Otherwise inhibit enterprise and wealth creation
        • Also recognise taxation on lower incomes is too high
          • Burden of tax shifted onto middle income groups
    • Law and order
      • Prison and stern punishments are the best deterrent against crime
      • Sentencing policy should be in the hands of elected government, not unelected judges
      • Opposes proposals like legalisation of drugs and excessive use of community sentences
      • First duty of government is to protect citizens
        • Civil liberties may have to be sacrificed in the interests of security against terrorism
    • Welfare
      • Generous 'living wage'
      • NHS and education systems should be subject to competition and market forces
        • Private sector enterprises should become involved in the provision of services to improve efficiency without increasing expenditure
      • Ensure that welfare benefits are no longer a disincentive to work
    • Foreign policy
      • Support NATO and close alliance with USA
      • Retaining an independent foreign policy is in the national interest
      • UK should intervene in foreign conflicts if it's in the national interest
      • Retain the UK's independent nuclear deterrent in the form of trident submarine-based weapons
      • Retain generous contributions to international aid
    • Environment
      • More effective emissions control
      • Promoted renewable energy sources (prefers nuclear to wind)
    • Social justice
      • Understands that too much inequality breeds social conflict
      • Introduce living wage and reduce income tax for those on low incomes
        • Resisted imposing high tax rates on the wealthy
    • Constitution
      • Reluctant to reform
      • Effectively blocked reform of the House of Lords and the electoral system
      • Unionist - opposes policies that could promote independence movements in the UK's regions


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