Conservative Government: Leaders of the Political Party (1951-64)

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  • Conservative Government: The Political Leaders (1951-64)
    • Winston Churchill
      • In office from 1951-55
      • Went to Harrow
      • Grandson of the 7th Duke of Marlborough
      • 76 years of age when he came into office
      • Rationing ends in his term
    • Anthony Eden
      • In office from 1955-57
      • Went to Eton
      • Responsible for the Suez Crisis
      • During his term, Britain had a very low unemployment rate
    • Harold Macmillan
      • In office from 1957-63
      • Went to Eton
      • Had no desire to reverse most of the the reforms enacted by Labour governments of 1945-51
      • From a humble background (married into aristocracy)
      • Took his party further to the left than any other Conservative leader in history
    • Alec Douglas-Home
      • More right-wing than previous 3 Prime Ministers
      • Went to Eton
      • Genuinely aristocratic (began his premiership as 14th Earl of Home)
      • In office from 1963-64


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