Consequences of the Six Day War

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  • Consequences of the Six Day War (1967)
    • Arab States
      • Military loss
      • Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Libya agreed to give Egypt and Jordan £135 million annually.
      • Egyptians and Syrians forced the PLO out.
      • Some Arab States met in Khartoum and decided "no peace, no recognition and no negotiation with Israel
      • Loss of hope/ Prestige
    • Israel
      • Fixed boundaries at the Suez Canal, River Jordan and Golan Heights
      • Believed they could force their Arab Neighbours to make peace in exchange for territory.
      • Crammed large numbers of refugees into squalid refugee camps.
      • International image of Israel went down.
      • The acquisition of three areas meant  that Israel had 1 million Arabs to govern.
    • Superpowers
      • became more involved in middle east
      • Soviet Union sent $2.6 billion worth of aid to Arab States.
      • USA sent $2 billion to Israel.
      • Resolution 242: Israel must withdraw from territories captured in 1967 and return to Partition Plan. In return Israel were given the right to live "free from threats or acts of force".
    • Palestinians
      • Loss of freedom
      • Lost territories
      • 250,000 retreated to Jordan
      • PLO resorted to international terrorism


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