Consequences of Korean War

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  • Consequences of the Korean War
    • Impact on Korea
      • Horrendous suffering. Approx 10% of entire Korean population was reported as missing, wounded or killed.
        • Civilian population of North Korea decreased from 9 to 7 million due to death and emigration.
        • Korea still divided = war a futile tragedy
      • North Korea
        • Essentially the same as in 1950; brutal, primitive dictatorship with a low standard of living.
        • Despite, changes to patrons, China and Russia, North Korea is "locked in a Stalinist time warp"
      • South Korea
        • Remained an authoritarian state for many years, under Rhee till 1960 then army,
        • Democracy slowly developed over time, as did prosperity.
    • Impact on Japan
      • Major beneficiary of the Korean War; benefited from US spending on the war
      • Japan recipient of much direct US defence spending. By 1954, Japanese defence industry earned 3 billion dollars from sales
      • Korean War was massive stimulus for economic recovery and contributed to prosperity which underpinned its growing democracy.
      • Japanese prime minister claimed that the war was 'the grace of heaven' due to its benefits to Japan.
    • Impact on People's Republic of China
      • Human cost
        • Over 150,000 troops killed. Made Peng Dehuai realise that China needed a more technologically advanced army.
      • Economic cost
        • Cost of war was crushing to poor country
        • US hostility to Communist China was greater than ever and ensured Communist China's continued exclusion from joining the UN.
      • Success for China
        • Mao saw war as a success on balance.
          • War had justified repression and removal of all those who might challenge a new regime. Mao had made his mark on Korea.


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