Consequences of 'The Great Terror'

A mindmap of the Consequences of the war

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  • Consequences of 'The Great Terror'
    • Political Impact
      • To divert people from economic problems, shortages, hard work & strict discipline
        • Show Trials targeted Gov. employees, party officials & factory managers
          • Kazan tried for misusing Gov. funding. (luxury lifestyle) However, these had been rewards given to him by Gov.
        • Encouraged 'little people' to hold their boss's to account
      • kamanev , Zinoviev & Bukharin were all exposed as traitors who had worked for foreign Gov.
        • Local level provided scapegoats for popular   discontent as well as drama in otherwise mundane lives of sweet citizens.
    • Economic Impact
      • Great Terror designated to boost economic production by eradicating 'wreckers'
        • Impossible to plan effectively as truth distorted
        • Wreaked economic havoc
        • Many compelled to lie of economic facts to avoid arrests & execution
        • 2nd Purge eliminated many of Russia's most experienced economic planners & many competent industrial managers
      • Alec Nove
        • Relative failure of 3rd Five-Year Plan was a direct result of the Great Terror
        • "Swept away managers, technicians, staticians and planners, leading to a shortage of trained workers"
      • Impact of the Ukranian  Donbas incident was repeated throughout russia, causing economy to worsen
      • Donbas region created 77% of Russia's production of coal
        • 1/4 management purged
        • Doubled. 1928-1932 & 1932-1936 BUT  barley grew from the beginning of The Great terror
    • Social Impact
      • Former   oppositionists  current leadership of Communist party: NKVD & army
        • 35,000 officers exiled or shot
        • 1935: Members of Leningrad Party & Bourgeois specialists purged
        • Yagoda convicted over 1/2 million people
          • 2,300 shot
          • 405,000 sent to prisons
      • Many created new identities (Kulaks, priests, former NEP  men or previous nobility)
        • Vladmir Gromov: sentenced to 10 years in Gulags as  impersonalised prize-winning architect for 1 million roubles advance for building project
      • Young members of party interviewed & would 'unmask' those Russia trade Union.
        • Election lasted weeks
        • required detailed biographical info. cross-examined concerning their real class identity & their service to party many labelled 'enemies of the people'
        • Committee's of 800 members attended meetings every evening for months to decide who to elect
      • "Yezhov Bloodbath"
        • 10% adult males executed or sent to labour camps
          • Age 30-45 at most risk in managerial or professional positions
          • Affected urban & educated population more than manual workers or peasants
        • 5%  of all those arrested female
          • Most single or relatives of men who had been purged
      • Workers from local runner factory accused management of malpractice of local trails, heavily publicised
        • Sometimes whole factory would be at the trial to watch former boss's publicly   humiliated.
        • Management scapegoats for problems & sacked for being 'wreckers'. Turned over to the NKVD
      • Descriminated  against  nationality
        • 1.5 million arrested by NKVD
          • 635,000 exiled
          • 680,000 shot
        • Specific targets for numbers of Poles, Romanians & Latvians
      • Mostly wives not considered threats as they believed their husbands were innocent
        • Party wives threat of arrest. Wives of 'enemy' only lost their job
        • Once husband arrested found wive's petitioned for them back. Ended  with ques of people outside Gov. buildings (rivalled previous show ques)


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