Consequences of the Great Leap Forward

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  • Consequences of the Great Leap Forward
    • Grain totals:
    • Worst affected provinces:
    • As well as falsified grain totals, officials lowered death tolls and lied about the cause of death
    • Cases of cannibalism:
      • Gansu province - mother told daughter to eat her heart when she had passed
      • Peasants ate the dead bodies of relatives
    • Hunan province: boy caught stealing food - father forced to bury his son alive as punishment. The father died from grief 3 weeks later
    • Women & Family:
      • Women forced to sacrifice their children (especially children), divorce or 'wife-sell'
      • Bodies of daughters would be swapped with neighbours and boiled to be eaten as soup
      • Children abandoned or sold as workers (slavery)
        • Led to children being mistreated and targeted for sexual abuse (led to suicides)
  • 1957: 195m tonnes
    • 1958: 200m tonnes (CCP claimed 430m)
      • 1959: 170m tonnes (CCP claimed 282m)
        • 1960: 143m tonnes
    • Grain totals:
  • Sichuan: 9 million dead
    • Anhui: 8 million dead
      • Henan: 7.8 million dead


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