Consequences of the reign of Charles II

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  • Consequences of Charles II
    • Recession in England
    • 'Asiento de Negros' given to English merchants for 30 years
      • South Sea Company
    • Modern nation state and balance of power
    • Disputed status of Gibraltar
    • Dutch herring fisheries
    • Large Dutch public debt
      • Untitled
    • Decline of Dutch merchant navy
    • France recognised the Hanoverian dynasty as the rightful claimants to the throne
    • Decentralisation of the HRE
    • Queen Anne's war
    • Rákóczi's War of Independence
    • Golden Age of Piracy
    • French fears of British supremacy:
    • Act of Union?
    • Untitled
    • War of the Spanish Succession
    • War of Devolution


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