Consensus in Nazi Germany

Mind map outlining the diferent reasons for consent and looking at diferent sections of German society in the Nazi Regime

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  • Reasons for Consent in Nazi Germany
    • Economic Recovery
      • Schacht's New Plan improved trade and monetary regulation
      • Unemployment cut from 6 million in 1933 to under 200,000 by 1939
      • Investment in Job creation schemes following law to reduce unemployment
        • 5 billion mark investments 1933-35 including autobahn projects
      • Global economic recovery helped
    • Fear of Communism
      • Seen as a threat in Germany with propaganda
      • Reichstag Fire manipulated to increase this fear and increase Nazi power
      • KPD support on the increase from 14% July to 17% Nov. 1932
    • Popular Policies
      • Strength Through Joy / Beauty of Labour
        • 180,000 state financed cruises and 10 million holidays by 1938
      • Peoples Radio and Peoples Car (VW) cheap products available to all
      • BUT - Unions closed in May 1933, replaced with DAF - Popular policies to make up for restricted rights
    • Army were pacified
      • Bloomberg/ Fritsch affair 1938 gave Hitler total control of Military
      • Liked what Hitler had to say at Potsdam Day
      • Swore an oath of allegiance to Hitler following Hindenburg's death
      • SA threat removed
    • Terror and Police State
      • Concentration Camps set up (Dachau) and 225,000 convicted of political crimes and 162,000 in protective custardy by 1939
      • Himmler made Chief of Police 1936 - Making police part of Nazi party rather than state
      • BUT Gestapo only had 32,000 officials - relied on Denunciations
        • Wurzberg had 28 agents for population of 1 million
        • 1 town had over 80% Slander crimes by denunciations, on 6% as a result of Gestapo
    • Removal of the SA
      • Loyal to Rohm, 2.5 million members and wanted a second revolution
      • Marburg speech saw Von-Papen voice concerns about Hitler taking over from an ill Hindenburg and the 2nd Revolution favored by the SA
      • Himmler fed Hitler rumours of a plot by Rohm
      • Hitler ordered Rohms arrest and the SA leaders and other enemies were purged - 200 dead
      • Actions of the Night of the Long Knives legalised with the Law for the Defense of the State
    • Propaganda
      • Goebbels was Minister for popular enlightenment and propaganda
      • Used Radios - had an audience of 16 million by 1939
      • Controlled Media and restricted publishing rights
      • Propaganda was the norm - part of the Glieschaltung
      • Hitler Myth
        • Propaganda was used to link success to Hitler - Foreign Policy and Economy
        • Propaganda used sparingly to keep Hitler Mysterious and above the party/state in a God like manner
    • Glieschaltung
      • Nazification - Coordination of Germany
      • 1.6 million Germans joined the Nazi party Jan-May 1933
      • Judges supported Nazis - didn't oppose restriction on freedoms
      • Easier because people wanted to be identified with the regime
      • 28 Protestant  churches unified into 1 Reich Church led by Muller
      • Concordat ended Catholic political influence but protected Church's right to congregate and educational influence
    • Opposition
      • Little active resitance
      • Passive resistence could include wearing make-up or listening to jazz
        • Loyal Reluctance - Martin Broszat
          • But was this just political indifference or personal choice?
      • SPD and KPD were underground
      • Workers supportive because of economy and restoration of national pride
    • Women and the Youth
      • Capture the Youth/ Indoctrinate them
      • Hitler Youth and League of German Girls compulsory by 1939
      • Female Civil Servants sacked and 15% of teachers
      • Ideology for Women of 'Kitchen, Children, Church'
      • As a result of Conscription and rearmament 2 million extra women employed 1936-39
      • Curriculum focused on PE, History and Racial theory


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