connectives and conjunctives

Starting my GCSE's soon and thought it would be a good idea to share this as it can improve your levels from a B to an A and they're so simple to use. Got these from my fluent spanish speaking friend so these a 100% correct and used in spanish dialog all the time. Hope this is help full. Please rate and comment.

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  • connectives
    • Extension connectives
      • y (and)
      • también (also)
      • asimismo (likewise)
      • además de (aside from)
      • al mismo tiempo (at same time)
      • a continuación (later)
    • Cause-Effect connectives
      • porque (because)
      • por esta razón (For this reason)
      • consecuentemente (consequently)
      • por lo tanto (so)
      • por ello (for it)
    • Objet connectives
      • para (for)
      • con el fin de (in order to)
      • con el objeto de / con el propósito de (with the purpose of)
    • Contrast connectives
      • Sin embargo (however)
      • aun (still)
      • aunque (though)
      • contrariamente a (unlike to)
      • a pesar de (regardless)
      • al contrario (on the contrary)
    • Concession connectives
      • Si (if). *Not confuse with "sí" (yes)
    • Time connectives
      • antes (before)
      • después (later)
      • mientras (while)
      • anteriormente (previously)
      • más tarde (later)
      • cuando (when)
      • finalmente (finally)
      • hasta que (until that)
    • Order connectives
      • primero (first)
      • luego (later)
      • finalmente (finally)
    • Location connectives
      • Aquí (here)
      • acá (here, informal)
      • en ese lugar (in that place)
      • allí (there)
      • donde (where),
      • allá (there)
    • exemplification connectives
      • por ejemplo (for example)
      • en otras palabras (in other words)
      • dicho de otra manera (put another way)


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