Conjugal Roles

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  • Conjugal Roles
    • Labour
      • Functionalist - Parsons - women do expressive (care) roles and men do instrumental (work)
        • Natural to do so - biologically based
      • Wilmott and Young - domestic is mainly women but M.o.P so in long term will lead to symmetrical roles
      • Feminists would say it's oppressive and dis- satisfying
        • Women have moved to workforce (triple shift)
        • Gender-quake and media now encourage powerful females.
        • Oakley said that industrialization excluded women from work and confined them to home - made dependent on men for an income
        • Liberal feminists would say M.o.P but radical say that no change.
    • Emotion Work
      • Duncombe -  females are responsible for - found they felt an 'emotional distance' but men showed little awareness.
      • Giddens (post modernist) - said pure relationships and so people are satisfied. romance is a myth.
        • So joint conjugal roles are developing. People take on different roles in order to be satisfied with the relationship.  A CHOICE
      • Functionalist say that women choose to take care of the family (elderly) as more maternal.
      • New Right say that is good for women to care as good for socialization of children
        • Feminist would say that it leads to gender stereotyping (Canalization etc)
        • Marxists - teach kids to accept inequality of hierarchy and capitalist society.
      • Working class can't afford childcare.
      • Dual Burden - Morris found unemployed men still to think that housework is female
    • Decision Making
      • Edgell - men make important decisions in M.C even if wives earn more
      • Pahl - decisions on different matters - women made small decisions (dinner)
      • Hunt - women make more decisions but not significant ones
      • Hardhill - noted shift of women making big decisions.
        • Vogler - looked at couples and their parents and found  that pooling is higher in youth and allowance in the older
          • Pooling = shared access to the income
          • Untitled
      • New right say that women who earn less have less power in the home
    • Domestic Violence
      • Functionalist - domestic violence is bad but social polices stop from happening
      • (Marxists) Working class men abuse women as their frustrated with their situation - only place they have power is in their homes
      • Wilkinson said cause is social inequality - reduce stress
      • Despite the attempt to tackle it there's still a fear
        • Feminist say it's patriarchal to keep control over women


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