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    • "individuals change their attitudes, beliefs, behaviours or perceptions in order to adhere to existing social norms
    • Asch & the lines
      • Asch used people who did not know each other; conformity is likely to have been higher if they did
      • Ethical Issues (hid'r)
        • The participants did not give informed consent
        • No right to withdraw
        • Participants with low self-esteem suffered uncertainty about their judgement prior to the study
        • The participants were not told about the aim of the study
      • Methodological Issues
        • The participants may not have represented the whole population - issues with generlisation
    • Sherif & the autokinetic effect
      • Study is artificial - it would not happen everyday
      • There is no correct answer to distance the light moves
    • Types of Conformity
      • Internalisation
        • Public and private agreement to the majority view
      • Compliance
        • Public agreement to the majority view, but private disagreement
    • Explanations of Conformity
      • Normative Social Influehce
        • 'to be liked'; to maintain group harmony or to avoid rejection
          • Anderson et al. & the cultures
            • shows that normative social influence on body image exists when food supplies are reliable
      • Informational Social Influence
        • 'to be right'; when unsure of answer or when persuaded
          • Baron et al & the Asch variation
            • shows that people are likely to conform when unsure of their answers
    • Factors Decreasing Conformity
      • small group size
      • amount of people that agree with the majority view
      • Crutchfield
        • shows the presence of others who have given the majority view affects conformity
      • people who give the majority view are not present
    • Factors Increasing Conformity
      • Attractiveness of the group
      • Cohesiveness of the group
      • low self esteem
      • low intelligence
      • high anxiety
      • need for social acceptance
        • "Individual who is likely to conform to people of high status and is very rigid in their views and beliefs"


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