Conformity to social roles + Zimbardo

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  • Conformity to social roles - Zimbardo
    • Procedure
      • 21 physically and mentally stable male university students. 11 prisoners and 10 guards.
        • $15 per day in the basement of Stanford university converted to a mock prison.
      • "Prisoners" were arrested, given a uniform and an ID number which they were referred to as instead of their name.
        • Allowed 3 meals per day and 3 supervised toilet visits.
      • Guards wore kahki uniforms and sunglasses.
    • Evaluation
      • Demand characteristics - people were being paid to be in the study.
      • Ethical concerns
        • Zimbardo debriefed all participants.
      • Haslam and Reicher point out the guards were choosing to behave this way rather than conforming.
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