SOCIAL - Conformity to social roles

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  • Conformity to social roles
    • Individual differences
      • gender
        • females more likely to conform than males
        • EAGLY ('81) - females socialised into more submissive roles and greater conformity expected
      • culture
        • individualist culture: decisions dependent on how it effects you (Western/rich cultures)
        • collectivist culture: priorities are on the needs of the group/tribe. Individ needs are unimportant if they don't effect the group (founf in poorer groups/countries - China), higher levels of conformity
        • PERRIN & SPENCER ('80) reproduced Asch's study with 33 Brit students from maths, science and chem courses. less conformity - students taught to question own opinions. Done in 80s - different child rearing practises - don't take things at face value. Brits traditionally less conforming than America
        • SMITH & BOND ('98) analysed 81 Asch studies in diff cultures (difference between individ and collect cultures. Higher conformity in collect.cultures
    • see research from Zimbardo ('73)


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