Conformity- Aschs Research

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  • Conformity- Asch's Research
    • Procedure
      • Showed card with 1 line on left and 3 lines on right. Participant was asked which one matched the line on the left. 1.
      • 123 american male undergraduates
      • each participant was tested with 6-8 confederates
      • Participant was always seated last or next to last
      • Participants took part in 18 trials and on 12 they gave the wrong answer
    • Findings
      • Participant gave the wrong answer 36.8% of the time. 25% of P's didn't conform. 75% did conformed at least once.
    • Evaluation
      • Limited application: only men were tested.
      • Perin and spencer 1980: repeated asch's study. 1 student confirmed in 396 trials. conformist time in 1950's. limitation because not consistent across situations and not time.
      • Participants knew they were in a study
    • Asch's Variations
      • Group size
        • 3 confederates- conformity rose to 31.8% but not much difference after.  this suggests small majority is not sufficient for influence.
      • Unanimity
        • Introduced someone who disagreed with others. Conformity was reduced by 1/4 from when group was unanimous.
      • Task Difficulty
        • Asch made the lines more similar to made it harder and conformity increased. thus suggests informational social influence plays a big role.


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