Conformity (types and explanations)

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  • Conformity
    • Explanations
      • ISI
        • A desire to be right if you are unsure if you have the correct info. You feel that others are prob. right
          • Most likely in situations that are ambiguous
        • AO3 = research support. Study w/ hard maths problems where there was more conformity to harder tasks
        • AO3 = individual diff where students (28%) were less conformist than other pps (37%)
      • NSI
        • A desire to behave like others and not look foolish (avoid rejection)
          • Most likely in unfamiliar situations with people you don't know
        • AO3 = research support. When asked to write down their answers conformity fell to 12.5% and most said they felt afraid of disapproval
        • AO3 = individual diff where lnaffiliators (those who have a greater need for social relationships)will conform more
    • Types
      • Intern.
        • Where a person genuinely accepts groups norm. = private and public. This is likely to be more permanent.
          • Continues even when group members are absent
        • E.g. converting to another religion as you believe in their beliefs
      • Iden.
        • We identify with a group because we value it = public even if not privately agree
          • E.g. following the same behaviour as military squad but changing this later on
      • Comp.
        • 'Going along with others'= public but not private
          • Behaviour stops once the group pressure ceases
        • E.g. laughing at a joke because others are laughing even though you don't find it funny


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