Conformity types

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  • Conformity
    • Compliance
      • Superficial agreement w/ group (going along publicly but holding diff view privately)
      • Everyone crosses a street although the walk light is red. You go along but do not agree
      • Following with the rest of the group bc it's easier than not doing so
      • Completely disagreeing w/ group in private
    • Identification
      • Conforming to group bc we value it- prepared to change views to be part of it
      • A group of your friends like a band that you don't. You agree to listen to them to fit in
      • Joining in w/the group
      • Not agreeing with all the groups views but joining in as you identify with them
    • Internalisation
      • Conforming to group bc u accept its norms- agree privately & publicly
      • Spend a term at uni w/ vegetarians and come home a vegetarian even though bacon is delicious
      • Going along w/ everything the group does and like the same things they do
      • Completely agreeing w/ the group


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