Conformity Types & Explainations

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  • Conformity
    • Types
      • Compliance
        • Suggests sometimes people only superficially go along with group norms
        • For example  A pupil who is asked to straighten their tie by a teacher later on loosens it
      • Internalisation
        • Suggests that sometimes people genuinely change their private opinions and beliefs to those of the group norms
        • For example  A student returns from the first term at university a vegetarian like his flatmates
      • Identification
        • Suggests some people conform to the opinions of the group without necessarily agreeing with all the groups ideas
        • For example  A student returning from the first term at university is desperate for roast beef, having been a vegetarian along with the rest of her flatmates
    • Explainations
      • Normative Social Influence
        • Suggests that people conform because they seek social approval
        • For example  The new student looks around to see if others are wearing shoes or trainers
      • Informational Social Influence
        • Suggests that people conform when they feel that others have the right answer
        • For example  On the first day in a new job you watch to see whether everyone else fills in a document the same way
      • Deutsch and Gerrard


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