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  • conformity-types and explanation- evaluation
    • research support-ISI: Lucas
      • asked students to give answers to maths problems
      • greater conformity to incorrect answers when they were difficult than when they were easier
      • most true for students with low mathematical ability
      • shows people conform in situations where they feel they dont know the answer
        • look to others and assume they know better than us and must be right
    • limitation of ISI- individual differences
      • n affiliatiors- care more about being liked
      • McGhee and Teevan found students in high need of affiliation were more likely to conform
      • shows that the desire to be liked underlies conformity for some more than others, therefore there are individual differences in the way people respond- not generalisable
    • research support- NSI
      • asch asked students their reason for conforming
      • said they felt self conscious of  giving the wrong answer- afraid of disapproval- said they wanted to be accepted
      • conformity rates fell to 12.5% when participants wrote answers
      • supports explanation of NSI
    • limitation of NSI and ISI- the two process approach is oversimplified
      • approach states behaviour is either due to NSI and ISI
      • also reduced power of ISI- alternate info


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