Conformity: Types and explanations

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  • Conformity
    • Types
      • Identification
        • Change in public belief to be accepted by a valued group but private beliefs stay the same
      • Compliance
        • Change in public belief but private beliefs remain the same
      • Internalisation
        • Change in public and private belief
    • Limitations
      • Individual differences
        • nAfflicters are more likely to be affected by NSI
        • McGhee and Teevan
          • need for affliction= more likely to conform
    • Explanations: Two-Process Theory
      • Normative Social Influence (NSI)
        • the need to be liked
      • Informational Social Influence (ISI)
        • the need to be right
      • By Deustch and Gerard
    • Strengths
      • Research  support for ISI
        • Lucas et al.
        • student given maths problem
        • difficult question= more conformity for incorrect answer
          • more true for those with low mathematical ability
      • Research support for NSI
        • Asch study
        • variation: answers written down
          • Conformity reduced
          • ppt said they were afraid of disapproval when speaking out load


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