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  • Conformity
    • Form of social influnce from exposure to majority.
      • Leads to compliance with majority.
      • People adopt behaviours, attitudes and values of other members
        • Leads to compliance with majority.
    • Three types of conformity
      • Compliance
        • Conforms publically with views, but privately disagrees
          • Shallowest form
      • Identification
        • Elements of both compliance and internalisation
          • Adopts the views as right/true but only to be accepted
      • Internalisation
        • Conforms publically and privately.
          • Deepest form
    • Normative social influence
      • Humans fear rejection and need social companionship
      • Towel study
        • Hotel guests exposed to message resulted in 75% guests reused their towels each day
    • Informational social influence
      • The need to be right
      • Maths study
        • Students were asked to answer maths problems that increased in difficulty
          • F= greater confomity to incorrect answers when they were difficult
    • Individual differences
      • As with NSI ISI does not affect everyones behaviour in the same way
        • Asch found students were less conformist (28%) that other ppts (37%)
    • Difficulties distinguishing
      • It is hard to measure public compliance and private acceptance.
        • Its all assumptions, and there for lacks validity


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