Conformity and explanations for conformity

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  • Conformity
    • Compliance
      • Individuals go along with the group to gain their approval. This doesn't change their private view and behaviour.
    • Identification
      • Individuals might accept influence because they want to be associated with another group
      • The individual accepts the attitude and behaviour they're adopting as right & true (internalisation)
      • But the purpose of adopting them is to be accepted as a member of the group (compliance)
    • Internalisation
      • Individuals go along with the group because they accept their views publicly and privately
    • Explanations for conformity
      • Normative Social Influence - NSI
        • Go along with the majority without accepting their views (compliance)
        • Individual believes they're under surveillance by the majority
        • Asch found a conformity rate of 33% when pp's went with a clearly wrong answer just because other people did
        • Students high in need of affiliation (more concerned about being liked) were more likely to conform so there is individual differences in NSI
      • Informational Social Influence - ISI
        • Individual accepts information from others as evidence about reality.
        • As well as feeling accepted they want to feel confident
        • ISI is more likely if the situation is ambigious or where others are experts, we believer they have more knowledge than we have
        • Lucas et al found there was greater conformity when the math problems were difficult and followed others
        • ISI leads to more permanent change than NSI so this means ISI could be considered more influential in leading to permanent behaviour change.


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