Conflict and tension

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  • Conflict and Tension
    • Tension between settlers and Indians
      • Resources were scarce
        • Whites mistook Indian raids for attacks
      • White settlers racist towards Indians
        • Believed the Indians were inferior
      • White settlers travelling across Plains
        • Killed Buffalo, causing stampedes
          • Ruined Indian organisation of herds
        • Built Forts
          • Disrupted Indian's hunting lands
      • Whites feared Indians
        • Believed they would be attack and scalped
      • Limited natural resources
        • Whites used what little the Indians relied on
      • Increased conflict between tribes
        • Whites perceived Indians to be violent
          • Became violent back
      • Indians spied on whites
        • Whites became nervous
    • The Fort Laramie Treaty 1851
      • Terms
        • US Government would
          • Pay an annuity of $50,000 as long as the terms were kept
          • Protect the tribes from white Americans (including settlers)
        • Plains Indians would
          • Allow railroad surveyors on their land
          • Refrain from attacking any whites that crossed their land
          • End the fighting between tribes
          • Allow the government to build roads and army posts in their land
          • Pay compensation if any Indian from their tribe broke a term
      • Limitations
        • Not enough translators
          • Not all of the representatives understood what they were signing
        • Representatives
          • Treaty was required to be signed by a representative from each tribe
            • Not how Indian society worked so not all Indians felt bound to follow it
        • Not all the tribes attended
        • Lands were split between tribes
          • Indians did not understand this as they believed no-one owned land
      • Significance
        • Teritories set out
          • Led to reservations
        • White settlers allowed onto Indian territory
          • White settlement of Plains
        • Railroad surveyors and army posts allowed on Indian land
          • White settlement of Plains
        • Tribes to receive resources from Government
          • Loss of Indian way of life


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