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  • Conflict
    • key quotes
      • "Ancient grudge"
        • Shows the conflict has been ongoing and unlikely to stop.
        • creates a sense of danger and unlawfulness.
        • The adjective "ancient" illustrates how ingrained the conflict is within the family and highlights its a big parts of their lives.
      • "A plague o both your houses"
        • Mercutio is stabbed by tybalt.
        • He blames them both for his death.
        • Mercutio foreshadows the loss both families will face.
        • The word "plague" refers to a highly infectious disease that causes death .just like the feud.
      • "o i am fortunes fool"
        • The alliteration of "fortunes fool" accentuates how romeo is struck deeply by a sense of anger and injustice.
        • Tybalts death brings Romeo to a moment of clarity as he realises he is a helpless victim of fate.
      • "Hang!beg!starve! die in the streets for my soul ill never acknowledge thee"
        • Capulet has turned on his only daughter he places her in a nothing to lose situation.
        • Juliet refuses to marry Paris.
        • Capulet's sudden transformation from seemingly concerned parent to a vengeful adversary illustrates his tendency towards impulsive cruel behavior.
    • Conflict themes.
      • The two families: capulets and montagues
        • "Two house holds both alike in dignity .....where civil blood makes civil hands unclean".
      • Juliet's inner conflict when she discovers Romeo is a Montague
        • "That i must love a loathed enemy".
      • Conflict between Tybalt and Romeo.
        • "Boy this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hasn't done me therefore turn and draw".
      • Conflict between Juliet and her father.
        • "Hang!beg! starve!die in the streets for by my soul ill never acknowledge thee"


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