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  • Conferences
    • Yalta February 1945
      • After WW2
        • Germany was split into 4 sections
      • Poland's borders
        • would return to their original position
      • Tension
        • 1) Roosevelt and Stalin were please on United Nations
        • 2) Poland's borders were not fully solved
        • 3) Stalin thought Western Allies had bigger areas of wealthier land than him - Tension = worsened
        • 4) What Stalin had in mind for free elections were completely different to everyone else - Tensions = worsened
        • 5) Stalin thought no one believed in USSR power
    • Potsdam August 1945
      • Roosevelt died was replaced with Harry Truman
      • Churchill lost the general election and was replaced with Clement Attley
      • Truman and Attley were new to diplomatic discussions
        • found Stalin tough
        • Truman wanted to take a hard approach
      • Germany was divided into 4 sections but would run as a whole
        • Berlin would be divided into 4 sections but the USSR controlled Germany
      • Key world events before/during
        • 1) The United Nations was created
        • 2) Germany surrendered in May
        • 3) America's scientists finished developing the first atomic bomb
      • Tensions
        • disagreements on Poland
        • disagreements between Truman and Stalin on how to control Germany
        • Truman did not want a communist government
    • Tehran November 1943
      • USA and Britain opened a 'second front'
        • eased pressure on the Eastern front
        • launched an attack in West Europe
        • Germans had to withdraw troops from USSR to fight the West
      • Stalin would declare war on Japan
        • supply Soviet troops to help the USA with war against Japan - once the Europe war was over
      • general agreement
        • international body should be set up
        • settle disputes through negotiations and discussions instead of war
        • United Nations
      • Tensions
        • Churchill = displeased because he wanted to open a 2nd front in Balkans
        • Stalin = pleased because of the second front
        • Roosevelt = pleased
        • Big 3 = Big 2?


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