Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam Conferences

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  • Conferences
    • 1) Terhan
      • To discuss the liberation and invasion of France and what would happen after there was peace in Europe
      • Decided on the Soviet and Capitalist sphere of influences
      • The 'Big Three' met for the first time
      • Discussed reparations to be payed by Germany
      • America tried to persuade USSR to enter the war in Japan after Germany was defeated.
      • Stalin wanted to have some Polish land
      • Agreed on the world peace organisation to replace the League of Nations
    • Yalta
      • Tension low, good relationship - war in Europe was almost  over
      • League of nations abolished and united nations founded
      • Germany divided into different zones of occupation
      • Berlin in the Russian zone was to be split again into regions of east/west occupation
      • Free elections to be held in Eastern States of Europe
      • USSR would join war against Japan
      • More Eastern nations to become apart of USSR
    • Potsdam
      • High tensions
      • Roosevelt dead, Churchill lost 1945 general election to Labour's Clement Attlee
      • Atomic bomb dropped on Japan
      • Still no long term agreements about the future of Europe
      • Germany was to be ran by a control council led by the 4 main leaders
      • Nazi leaders were to be put on trial
      • For reparations, each power could take what it wanted from ITS zone
      • TRAP
        • Territory
        • Reparations
        • Atomic bomb
        • Poland
      • Russia would have influence over the Polish Government
        • What Churchill and Roosevelt had fought against at Yalta


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