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  • Conferences
    • Teheran - Nov 1943
      • Agreed that the USSR should have a "Sphere of Influence" in Eastern Europe.
      • United Nations to be set up after 2nd World war.
      • Britain and USA agree to a Second Front to ease the pressure on the USSR by launching D-Day in the North of France in 1944.
      • USSR promise to help fight Japan after defeating Germany.
      • BUT disagreements about how to treat Germany -eg. Reperations in Germany.
    • Yalta - Feb 1945
      • Divide Germany into 4 zones controlled by UK,USSR,USA and France
        • Relations were good because Roosevelt an Stalin got on personally.
        • Stalin obbessesive over security, wanted to change Polands Borders
        • Nazi war criminals to be found and punished.
        • BUT Stalin wanted to force Germany to pay reperations of $10 billion as compensation for 26 million soviet deaths, whilst Britain and USA feared that thuis would lead to further problems for Germany.
    • Potsdam - July 1945
      • Divide Germany into 4 zones.
      • Nazi party to be got rid of, Nazi criminals put on trial.
      • Free elections in Germany.
      • USSR to get a quater of the industrial goods made in west zones in return for food and coal from the soviet zone.
      • BUT realtions got worse because Prsident Truman wanted to "get tough on Russia". This was known as the Iron fist. Stalin now refused to have free elections and Stalin was angry because America had the atomic bomb which could be used against the USSR.


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