Conduction system

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  • Conduction system
    • 1.Sino-atrial node: The pacemaker of the heart-produces an electrical stimulus , resulting in the atria contracting.
      • Located in right atrial wall
    • 2.Atrioventricular node:Enables the ventricles to completely fill with blood by delaying the stimulus until after the AV valves shut
    • 3.The bundle of His: Group of conduction cells,which branch into the Purkinje fibres.
      • Located in septum of the heart
    • 4.Purkinje fibres:In the ventricular wall,conduct the electrical impulse from the bundle of His and cause ventricular contraction
    • Structures in the cardiac muscle which create and transmit the electrical impulse from the CCC to the atria and ventricles to cause contraction
    • After the electrical impulse is complete the atria/ventricles relax and the heart refills=1 heart beat


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