Conditioning and Phobias

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  • Conditioning and Phobias
    • 1. Behaviourists believe that phobias are an example of classical conditioning
    • 2. What is required to produce a phobia is a UCS that produces a strong emotional reaction, pain, for example, and a situation where the UCS can become associated with a neutral stimulus
    • 3. For example, suppose a person got bitten by a dog when they were a child:
      • Pain (UCS) _ Anxiety (UCR)
      • Pain (UCS) + Dog (NS) _ Anxiety (UCR)
      • Dog (CS) _ Anxiety (CR)
    • 4. If that anxiety response generalises from that particular dog to all dogs then result would be that the person became anxious every tie they saw a dog. In other worlds they would have developed a phobia


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